TonGenau „Hit The Right Notes

Of all the sounds in the world, music is the most beautiful - the „keyboard with a heart/keyboard made with love“ will help you to hit the right notes!


When I got an electric piano as a gift for my 50th birthday, I fell in love with music. This love had been lingering inside me for years - so I can say: „Music was my second love“


I started looking for a keyboard - which showed notes, keys and octaves - but unfortunately found nothing suitable! Being a graphic designer, I simply decided to design my own keyboard! My piano teacher, the boss of the music store and a great pianist were enthusiastic about the idea and its implementation ... so now the „keyboard with a heart/keyboard made with love“ is available for everyone!


As more and more older people are starting to play the piano, this keyboard is very useful as it helps you to hit the right notes especially in the early stages, because „music should remain the most beautiful sound“ ... have fun! My first attempts were printouts at our local print house - „Druckzentrum Eisenstadt“ - which I then laid down on a photo board! But when the boss of my music store Pertak had a few prospective customers, a professional solution needed to be found! Now I have the keyboard printed directly on a PVC foam board. Size: 70 x 10 cm, 29 white keys and 21 black keys - which is a total of 50 keys!


It‘s incredibly simple ... Since the keyboard is only 3 mm thick, it fits on most pianos and upright pianos ... even the over 100 year old piano that belongs to my piano teacher Sigrid! It‘s best to take a book cover and test whether it will fit between the key and the piano! Then simply put the „Clef Heart“ in the middle of the keyboard - the „captive c“ - place! And then you can look down while you are playing and this will help you to memorise the notes  ... I hope you have as much fun practising as I do. 


The success story continues: meanwhile the „keyboard with a heart“ is available in some music stores in Eisenstadt, Vienna and Salzburg as well as the piano house Förstl ... thank you for your interest!


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